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Bowing Walls and Cracks

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When it comes to your home’s foundation, don’t take any chances. Turn to the experts at B.A.M! Basements and Masons for foundation repairs you can trust.


Why Is My Foundation Bowing?

When a structure is built below ground level, the outer walls are subject to the elements. A bowing foundation can occur for many reasons, and in Iowa it is often a result of water freezing inside the soil, causing the soil to expand and push against your foundation. Your foundation could also be experiencing hydrostatic pressure, which can occur when the ground is saturated, causing it to swell. If your home is suffering with bowing or cracked foundation walls, call B.A.M! today before your problem worsens.


B.A.M! is here to solve your problem

Wall Bracing

Our wall bracing system stabilizes your basement walls and protects your home from further damage. Heavy duty steel beams are custom-fit to your wall height, and are then secured tightly against your basement wall. Our braces are designed to stabilize the wall in its current position, and even have the ability to be tightened during the dry season for potential wall improvement.
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Crack Repairs

If your foundation is cracked, we have a simple solution for you. Our three-part crack repair program includes an epoxy injection which is then covered with a sleeve, all of which is backed up with a drywell. So, in the rare occasion the epoxy fails, the water will stay behind the sleeve, which will then direct the moisture right under your basement floor.
Another possible cause for vertical cracks is a settling foundation.
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Save Yourself The Headaches

If you suspect there may be something wrong, B.A.M! can help you identify the issue as we have seen it all. Foundation work is far from a do-it- yourself project, so avoid disaster and let the experts at B.A.M! make sure your worries are over. Your home will be in good hands with the best B.A.M! Basements in Iowa!