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General Questions:

Basement waterproofing is a valuable home repair and home value. As with many home repairs, your basement waterproofing ROI – will vary greatly by your region you live in, plus the size of the home and the extent of the basement waterproofing that has been done. 

However, have no fear, your solution is here! BAM Basements and Masons of Des Moines also says nearly all experts agree that basement waterproofing is a valuable home repair that is well worth the expense and investment for any home owner.

The quickest repair is usually a simple crack fill. If the cracks are thin and only visible from the inside of the foundation, repairs are usually completed within a few hours. 

But to answer your question completely 2-3 days usually for a residential home there are also many variables that cause a job to take longer which could include basement waterproofing, deeper footings which require additional excavation and result in additional restoration work following the installation of the piers. 

But most foundation repairs and basement repairs are done within 2-3 days.

Here’s 2 great ways to waterproof your basement Interior Waterproofing your home from inside of the basement. This method often requires concrete breakout, includes sump pumps and affords a shorter installation time.

Water is allowed to enter the basement, and then is forcibly managed away. Waterproofing on the inside of your home requires concrete breakout, and In most instances a sump pump system will be installed in your basement. 2nd is Exterior Waterproofing Designed to help stop water before it enters your basement is a method of waterproofing your home from outside of the basement.

This often requires excavation of the basement wall and includes an exterior moisture barrier it’s also a great way to waterproof a finished basement Which Includes a exterior wall waterproofing with moisture barrier, dimple board and drainage, depending on your home improvement goals and the severity of the problems.


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You can Seal/coat the interior of the walls with a suitable masonry waterproof product. 

When the paint dries, the sealant forms a watertight bond to stop water from seeping through. 

Also make sure your downspouts should extend 10 feet from your home. This is how you can waterproof your basement walls from inside

The most effective way to keep water out of your basement is to install an interior drainage system that minimizes hydrostatic pressure.

If the cracks are thin and only visible from the inside of the foundation, repairs are usually completed within a few hours.
By installing drain tile along the joint where the floor meets the wall, where most water leakage occurs, you can capture water before it makes its way onto the basement floor.

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It’s not required, Because of its wide opening, an egress well can become a fall hazard on your property. The reason why you may want to add an egress cover is the same reason why you added the egress in the first place—safety. 

This can be concerning if it’s in an area where you have kids playing or even an area of the property where adults often hang out or walk by, such as alongside the backyard or walkway. 

If you are considering an egress cover. Call Us. for a free Estimate.

Since foundation repairs are generally not covered in your home insurance, procrastinating on foundation repairs will cause you bigger trouble in the long run—big, as in expensive.

Possibly several thousand dollars more costly if ongoing structural damage continues to worsen, damaging pipes, flooring and other areas.

At the first signs of cracks, give B.A.M! a call to set up a free consultation with one of our foundation experts.

Cracked Foundation leaky foundation or a A bowing wall problem could be a result of poor structural design, but often it is caused by excessive lateral pressure from the soil surrounding and underneath the home. 

Bowed walls are more than just unsightly — they can allow moisture as well as bugs into the basement. Why does the soil do this? Inadequate drainage, too much soil compaction and poor waterproofing all can contribute to the pressure that leads to bowed walls. 

When you step into your basement and see a wall bowing outward, it should raise an alarm. Basements with bowed block walls may indicate a large separation between two layers of the blocks where the bowing has occurred.

Typically a sump pump is located in a basin on your basement floor, your sump pump collects excess water from drains and redirects it away from the house. 

Like other appliances and equipment in your home, your sump pump won’t last forever. Remember even if you may have had it professionally installed and purchased a quality product, a sump pump should be replaced every 7-10 years. 

The average is about 10 years, you might not notice your sump pump has malfunctioned until it has stopped working.


BAM Basements and Masons of Des Moines services include basement waterproofing, foundation repair, bowing wall, repair foundation cracks ,sinking foundations, crawl space repair, sump pumps battery, backups replacement pumps, piering, basement windows, egress windows, block work, concrete leveling.

You may not see any problems with your home’s structure, but water is an invisible enemy to your safety and health. One of the most significant reasons you should never ignore a wet basement is the health implication of standing water in your home. 

Mold can begin growing within just 24 hours of moisture penetration, leading to poor indoor air quality that can exacerbate allergies and asthma and cause other respiratory issues among your family. 

Pests such as mice, birds, raccoons, and insects are also attracted to water deposits or the associated mold and fungus as a food source, causing a complicated mess and potentially exposing your family to disease via pest droppings or physical contact with infected animals.

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Exterior Basement Waterproofing Includes different Lines of Defense.

Basement Sump pumps, Gutters, Drain tube, Drain Tile, Perimeter Drainage systems, dehumidifiers, basement windows, and Foundation waterproofing sealants.

Emergency Flooded basement clean up TAKE OUT COMPLETELY

Expert Basement Waterproofing Company of Des Moines

BAM basements and Masons of Des Moines offers a variety of cost-effective Basement Waterproofing Solutions, customized to your home. 

BAM is locally owned and operated, Limited lifetime warranties, Professional, dependable, and honest.

Don’t let moisture turn your basement into a dark, damp, scary place you hardly use! Reclaim valuable basement living space. Schedule a free assessment with BAM!

Number one in the midwest basement waterproofing, and foundation repair industry.

Looking at the big picture, a wet basement is a sign that water can, and is, penetrating the entire structure of your home. This may also indicate unstable soil around the foundation, which leads to shifting and cracking in the walls and floor. 

Ignoring the signs of a wet basement could necessitate widespread foundation repairs or replacement of many of the elements of your home. 

Don’t risk your entire home and your own health; contact Bams Basement Waterproofing  of Des Moines to discuss all your options for waterproofing basements, mold remediation, and sump pumps.

Every home starts with a foundation, so it makes perfect sense that this slab of concrete is the most important element of sturdy construction. 

It’s also important to understand the state of your own home’s foundation and the factors that might threaten it, as a matter of safety and property value.

Ripping out and replacing the concrete is very costly and time consuming. Mud jacking is a short-term option for repairing concrete, this can take a full day to cure also and require to stay off for 24 hours.

Instead of replacing or mud jacking the driveway, sidewalk, foundation floor, patio, steps or porch that is sinking or cracking.

The better option is Poly-lifting.

Poly-lifting is used to stabilize the soil and lift the concrete.

Polyurethane concrete raising leads to a longer lasting and is a quicker repair. Poly is stronger, waterproof, flame resistant,
non-polluting, weighs a lot less than mud jacking material and can reach areas that are inaccessible to mud jacking equipment.

Weighing significantly less at only about 2 lbs. per square foot, will not cause any additional settling of concrete over time. It is also able to hold 7200 pounds per square foot.

Foam injections cure in 15 minutes compared to a full day for mud jacking, so it is ready to use immediately! It’s less invasive because it requires smaller (nearly invisible) and fewer drilling holes.

BAM basements and Masons of Des Moines believe that you deserve only the best. The poly foam we use are environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials.

BAM’S poly foam is top of the line material, designed specifically for different concrete applications.

Our concrete lifting solution allows us to easily adjust our      approach to solve problems for our customers home or business’s.

Emergency Questions:

Basements are notoriously dark, damp, and musty spaces in our homes, but they don’t have to be. With the right protections in place, you can prevent basement leaks at your Des Moines, IA home and keep your basement dry and comfortable.

BAM Waterproofing Services provides an extensive list of services to help you prevent leaks and flooding in your basement, and we’ve compiled a list of questions we regularly get about these services. If you don’t find the information you want here, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

We offer a variety of cost-effective Basement Waterproofing Solutions, customized to your home.

Don’t let moisture turn your basement into a dark, damp, scary place you hardly use!

Reclaim valuable basement living space. Schedule a free assessment with Bam.

Quick & Reliable Basement Waterproofing Services

We only use the new methods and materials on our jobs.  That is why we can offer you a LIFETIME WARRANTY for the life of your house.
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