Poly Lifting | Concrete Leveling Repairs

Driveway, sidewalk, foundation floor, patio, steps, or porch is sinking or cracking.

You may need concrete repair or leveling

Polyurethane concrete raising also called Slabjacking, Polyjacking, concrete lifting and concrete leveling.

You may notice over the years your driveway, sidewalk, foundation floor, patio, steps or porch is sinking or cracking. A typical life span of a concrete driveway is 25-30 years. This is also dependent on maintenance and care over the years.

Cracks and damaged concrete can cause safety trip hazards, falls are the leading type of accident and you don’t want to be help liable if someone trips or hurts themselves. Weather your are selling your home or want your home to look good for a first impression, curb appeal is essential.

You may need to get concrete repair or leveling to keep your concrete slabs from deteriorating more and keep your home looking good. Polyurethane concrete lifting and leveling attempts to lift a sunken concrete slab by injecting Polyurethane foam through small holes into the concrete slab, effectively raising it up from below.

B.A.M! Basements and Masons of Des Moines can help restore your foundation

How Concrete raising and Leveling works

Poly-Lifting concrete raising

The following are the steps on how concrete raising and leveling works:

The slab jacking process generally begins with drilling 3/8″ holes into the concrete, strategically located to maximize lift.

Initial material injections will fill any under slab void space. When the material is injected under a high pressure into the concrete slab, the air bubbles expands and the resin reacts and become solid foam.

During the injection, the material will expand in all directions and fill any voids in week soils under the slab causing the sub-soils to become more dense and stable. Once the void space is filled, subsequent injections will start lifting the concrete immediately.

After the slabs are lifted, the access holes are patched and the work is complete.

Poly-Lifting concrete raising

Poly-lifting is used to stabilize the soil and lift the concrete. Polyurethane concrete raising leads to a longer lasting and is a quicker repair. Poly is stronger, waterproof, flame resistant,

non-polluting, weighs a lot less than mud jacking material and can reach areas that are inaccessible to mud jacking equipment.

Weighing significantly less at only about 2 lbs. per square foot, will not cause any additional settling of concrete over time. It is also able to hold 7200 pounds per square foot.

Foam injections cure in 15 minutes compared to a full day for mud jacking, so it is ready to use immediately! It’s less invasive because it requires smaller (nearly invisible) and fewer drilling holes.

Top of the Line Polyfoam

Repair, Level and Lift Concrete

WHY CHOOSE BAM Basements and Masons of Des Moines

BAM basements and Masons of Des Moines believe that you deserve only the best. The poly foam we use are environmentally friendly, consisting of 39-49% renewable and recycled materials. BAM’S poly foam is top of the line material, designed specifically for different concrete applications. Our concrete lifting solution allows us to easily adjust our approach to solve problems for our customers home or business’s.

Whether you have a sinking garage floor, issues with your concrete pool deck, uneven sidewalks, or an uneven patio – we’ll work with you to create an economical repair solution that meets your needs.

Here at B.A.M! Basements and Masons of Des Moines our main priority is to stop the concrete leveling problem in the area we address. That is why our clients rely on us.