Concrete Lifting

How Does Cement Lifting Work?

Foundation Lifting Experts

The polymer consists of two separate liquids. That are combined right at the injection  nozzle to trigger a chemical reaction that turns the blended ingredients into an expanding  high-density foam.

Why do they put foam under concrete?

This is to stabilize the slab beneath the building. This results in more concrete being used,  as well as an increase in labor to prepare the site for the concrete pour.


How Can Bam Help Me?

Nothing last forever and that includes concrete. This is especially true in Western Iowa.  Where we experience extreme seasonal cycles which causes the ground to shift. This can  lead to concrete sinking and cracking overtime.

Also, concrete built over poorly compacted stone and soil, especially around your home, is  susceptible to settling over time especially as water penetrates below through cracks, joints  and open sides, and erodes the base material.

Have a Professional Concrete Repair Expert Assess Your Situation.

Our Concrete Lifting Solutions

We believe that you deserve only the best. Our concrete lifting solutions solve problems  for home and business owners every day! 

Whether you have a sinking garage floor, issues with your concrete pool deck, uneven sidewalks, or an uneven patio – we’ll work with you to create an economical repair  solution that meets your needs.

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