Egress Windows Functionality

Purpose of an Egress Window?

Egress Offers a Secondary Exit

An egress window is typically mandatory in a finished basement. An egress window is essentially an emergency exit window in your home that allows for the safe evacuation of occupants

The window must meet certain minimum safety standards to qualify. Like commercial  buildings, airplanes, and buses, homes are required to have emergency escapes in the  event of a fire.

Egress Windows Most Important Feature:

*Our Window Opens Inward

Egress windows are large openings that offer a secondary exit in case of an emergency

They can also add more natural light and make your basement feel more inviting. Basement  bedrooms and living spaces are required to have egress windows.

Egress window wells perform the same basic functions as a standard window well

They keep backfill, rocks and dirt away from below-grade windows. 

They also help water drain away to prevent leaks and hydrostatic pressure around the  window frame.

Do you need egress window in basement?

Escape During An Emergency

Typically, you’ll be required to also have an egress well for the window, with an attached  ladder or steps to get people out quickly and easily.

The most important feature is that any adult can easily operate the window and quickly  exit the building. Likewise, first responders must be able to gain access to the structure  from the outside, taking their equipment into account.

The important thing to consider is the ease and accessibility of escape during an  emergency. You’ll also want to find windows that are energy efficient and aesthetically  pleasing.