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Efficient Basement Windows

If your basement windows are ugly, rusted, corroded, or drafty, then they’re not doing their  job. Whether you use your basement as finished space, or you just want to save money on  your energy bills, don’t pass up this chance to upgrade to a more comfortable and  valuable home!

Nothing brings light and natural beauty into a dark basement quite like great-looking  basement windows. And that’s what basement windows were meant to do!


Important Things to Know About Egress Windows Casement.

Standards For Egress Windows

Windows are important parts of your home that help improve its curb appeal and valueAside from that, they also contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and help you cut back  on energy expenses. 

Egress windows are placed in specific areas of your home, able to serve as emergency exits  when needed. One notable type of egress window is the egress casement window.

Most egress windows open out into the escape basin. Our window opens inward… and this is critical to your family’s safety.


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Energy Efficient Windows

Any basement remodel or conversion is required to provide an egress door or window.  This is a safety precaution that costs money, but more importantly, has the potential to  save lives. 

Egress windows are subject to very specific building codes that specify how close the window needs to be to the floor and how large the window opening has to be to allow an adult to escape.

If your current egress windows are not up to code, or you are looking to upgrade or replace an egress window in your home. 

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