About Us

We are the Basement Waterproofing Experts of Iowa

Welcome to B.A.M! Basements and Masons, Central Iowa’s premier basement repair and masonry company!

B.A.M! is a local business founded in 2012 by Mark Williams.

After working several years with different basement repair companies, Mark saw a need for better value & customer service in the industry, so he decided to open his own business. He chose the motto,“ Every consideration given to total customer satisfaction with the highest quality workmanship,” the pillar of the B.A.M! name.

With 50 years of experience in the stone, brick and block masonry industry. Number one in the midwest basement waterproofing, and foundation repair industry. We like to welcome you experience our custom Stone and Brick Masonry work from our skilled professionals.

We Offer A Full Line Of Services For All Your Basement Waterproofing needs

Company Mission

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing is needed when a structure is built at or below ground level. Hydrostatic pressure forces water through cracks in your floor and can also cause major structural damage to foundation walls and is likely to contribute to mold, decay, and other moisture related problems.

Foundation Repair

If you are experiencing sticking doors or cracking in sheet rock, brick or foundation, there is a strong possibility that your home is undergoing differential settlement. At the first signs of cracks, give B.A.M! a call to set up a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable foundation experts.

Why Choose Us

Attention to Details
It’s our attention to the small stuff, scheduling of timelines and keen project management that makes us stand out from the rest. 

We are creative, while keeping a close eye on the calendar and your budget.