Crawl Spaces

Check out the crawl space and basement areas before you sign on the dotted line.

What is a crawl space?

basement crawl space is a hollow area under the floors of some homes between the  ground and the first floor. It’s usually just high enough for someone to enter by crawling as it’s name implies.

A crawl space raises your home off the ground and is a convenient place to contain the  mechanical “guts” of the house like air conditioning and heater ductwork, insulation,  plumbing, and electrical wiring.

As we mentioned before, the primary difference between crawl spaces and basements is  the livability.

Turning a Crawl Space Into a Basement?

Crawl space repair to-do list

You can turn a crawl space into a basement. You will have to dig up your foundation, raise  your house, pour a new concrete wall and concrete slab, then finish it off by waterproofing,  backfilling the exterior, framing, and interior finishing details.

Increases value of your home

More living and storage space for your family 

Covered by home insurance

Easier to access utilities such as pipes and furnace

Buyers-homeowners — rarely think about what’s under their feet when touring homes.

What You Need to Know

To sum up, the primary difference between a crawl space and a basement is the  ventilation needs of each space: basements are heated spaces (i.e., properly insulated  and not ventilated, regulating the temperature of the space), while crawl spaces are  unheated spaces (i.e., properly insulated and ventilated, promoting the flow of air and ,moisture). 

Additionally, basements have a higher clearance than crawl spaces, and are thus much  better suited to be livable space in the home.