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Every problem has a solution. Every vision creates exciting possibilities. To solve those problems and bring that vision to life, it takes a contractor with the experience and expertise to do the job right.

We have an exemplary team with years of experience, that have been trained to do the job right.
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At B.A.M. Waterproofing & Masons, We go above and beyond on every project because we share your passion for excellence. It is our privilege to fix your waterproofing and foundation issues. We promise to always exceed your expectations no matter what it takes. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE CONSULTATION:  515-963-0226
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Is  Your Basement Underwater?

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Sump Pumps

Sinking Foundations and Walls

Foundation Repair

Bowing Walls

Egress Windows Crawl Spaces

Egress Windows

Crawl Spaces 

Brick & Concrete Leveling


Brick & Concrete Leveling

Who We Are

The Ideal Waterproofing and Foundation Pros In Des Moines

Welcome to B.A.M! Basements and Masons Central Iowa’s premier basement and foundation repair company! B.A.M! is a local business founded in 2012 by Mark Williams. After working several years with different basement repair companies, Mark saw a need for better value and customer service in the industry, so he decided to open his own business. He chose the motto, “Every consideration given to total customer satisfaction with the highest quality workmanship,” the pillar of the B.A.M! name.
The business originally started with the name “All Basements and More.” 

Then, in 2013, it acquired Larry Heck and his masonry business, Heck, Inc.  With Larry, we have gained 50 years of experience in the masonry industry.  The name B.A.M! has grown quite catchy around town, so to preserve its integrity, the company was thus renamed “Basements and Masons.”  A new chapter had begun.

Together, we at B.A.M! will cultivate our reputation for excellent service, quality workmanship, and an exceptional customer experience. With our motto in mind and a smile on our face, we look forward to helping the people of Central Iowa improve their homes. Call us today at: 515-963-0226
to learn how we can help.

We Are B.A.M!

Foundation Repairs 
Crawl Space Solutions
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We Are The 

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No job too big or small, we fix them all!

From a small crack that never stops leaking to a major whole basement waterproofing project, we have the experienced crew to get your job done, and room dry. Our team and workmanship will amaze you.


Basement waterproofing




Protect Your Valuables And Your Property!
Interior Drain Systems & Dehumidification
Waterproofing is needed when a structure is built at or below ground level. Hydrostatic pressure forces water through cracks in your foundation walls and up through cracks in your floor. It can also cause major structural damage to foundation walls and is likely to contribute to mold, decay, and other moisture related problems. So, before things get worse, call the best B.A.M! Basements in Iowa and make your water problems a thing of the past!

Waterproofing Myths?

Cracks, settlement, & leaks


Myth: Basement waterproofing doesn’t prevent all leaks.

This is highly dependent on the level of work you are having done. While doing small foundation repairs or foundation sealing will definitely reduce the amount of water leaking into your basement, it won’t be fully eliminated unless a full basement waterproofing service is complete. A good waterproofing contractor will explain all of your different options and guide you through which is best. The fact remains that if you want to keep your entire basement dry, you’ll need to opt for a full service basement waterproofing.

Myth: Black tar paint is all that’s needed to prevent leaks.

If anyone has ever told you that paint will waterproof the foundation wall of your basement, know that that’s simply a myth. A coating of black paint may keep out some vapor, but it is certainly not sufficient for full waterproofing. Waterproofing is based on water diversion — it works with several different methods to keep out unwanted water and lead it somewhere else, away from the home.

Myth: Basement waterproofing is too expensive.

Every basement waterproofing job is a bit different, but prices are largely dependent on the level of work that is being done. While smaller jobs tend to have an average price of $5,000 to $6,000.Regardless of the cost, though, is the peace of mind you’ll get when the waterproofing job is complete. You can’t put a price on never having to worry about having a wet basement again. It’s an investment that is well worth the cost.

Why Is My Foundation Bowing?

- Water freezing inside the soil, causing the soil to expand and push against your foundation.
- Hydrostatic pressure, which can occur when the ground is saturated, causing bowing or
  cracked foundation walls

Wall Bracing
 -  Our adjustable wall bracing system stabilizes your basement walls and protects your home from further damage.

Crack Repair Our three-part crack repair program includes an epoxy injection which is then covered with a sleeve, all of which is backed up with a dry-well.  Another possible cause for vertical cracks is a settling foundation. See Below.
Walls Shored Up
Drainage Trench Done
Trench and Walls
Finished Basement



If you are experiencing sticking doors or cracking in sheet rock, brick or foundation, there is a strong possibility that your home is undergoing differential settlement. This settlement can cause the structure to undergo undue stress that results in cracks appearing throughout the home’s components.

DYNAPIER Foundation Piering System 

This system combines galvanized steel and high-strength concrete making it one of the strongest foundation piers in the industry. Interlocking segments are hydraulically driven into the ground. Besides its sheer strength, the installation adds to its effectiveness. 

At the first signs of cracks, give B.A.M! a call to set up a free consultation with one of our foundation experts at 


Egress Windows 
Basement Windows

Beautiful - Functional - Energy Efficient - All To Code

Whether you need a repair, replacement, or trying to increase the efficiency of your home, B.A.M! can help with all of your basement and egress window needs.
Basement Window
Egress Opening
Egress Window
Crawl Space Solutions
For many years, dirt floors have been accepted as your only option when it comes to crawl spaces. However, we are starting to see that there are many problems associated with dirt crawl spaces. From raising your heating and cooling efficiency to getting rid of that musty smell, our services will solve all your crawl space problems. Turn your crawl space from a dirty, unused area to extra storage for your home.

Tired of Cleaning Up Your Wet Basement?

Sump Pumps: are used when basement flooding happens regularly. They are a great way to stop water from entering your home.

Sump Pump Backup Options: The worst time for your sump pump to lose it’s electric supply is exactly when your power is likely to go out: during a thunderstorm. B.A.M! offers a variety of solutions to keep your sump pump running just when you need it most.


Sidewalks, Driveways, or Other Concrete Problems? We Have The Solutions!
When it comes to fixing major issues in your home, don’t settle for anything less than you deserve, 
and our repairs are built to last.

Give us a call today for a FREE consultation. 515-963-0226 

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Many customers have felt just like you. In need of basement waterproofing, foundation cracks, sinking foundations and repairs. Some need their bowing walls repaired and even basements replaced by our crew.  We often get calls for crawl space repair and basement windows also. They found that B.A.M. basement water proofing company in Des Moines has not only expert repair specialists but also has the best warranty in the business, with many 5 STAR ratings.

Customer's Testimonials

See why our customers can’t stop bragging about our team's expertise and work.

I put off getting my basement water proofed for many years. If only I had reached out to B.A.M! the first time my basement flooded.
Excellent experience all around. From receiving my initial quote to coming home after the work to a dry basement that looks better than ever.

Great people, service and craftsmanship.

J. H.​​​​​​​


Thank you B.A.M.! for your great service. We just had our egress window replaced and your crew was the best. I appreciated that they came out a few days before the job was to be done to double check things and to make sure that everything went smoothly.

​​​​​​​The day of the job they showed up, friendly, professional and ready to work. When one person was working, another was getting things ready for the next step. No wasted time. I would not hesitate to use your services again

Shelia Sullivan.

I had B.A.M.! replace a basement wall, secure the foundation, and stop the water leaking into my garage - some heavy-duty work.

These guys expect the unexpected when it crops up and adapt to get the job done. They listened and responded to my concerns along the way.
Mark was a pleasure to work with and the crew workers were great people, too. Don't hesitate - these are the kind of honest people who obviously care about the quality of work they do.

Robert Klimowski 

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Extensive Experience & Connections

As true home waterproofing and masonry experts, we can handle every aspect of your project from design to city permits to finding the ideal materials at a fair price. These connections save you a small fortune while keeping the project on time & budget.

Additionally, we have excellent relationships with many of the top suppliers in Des Moines. 
Don't Get Hammered

Don't Get Hammered!
​Avoiding Shady Contractors

A lot of contractors can say all the right things, but delivering quality work is an entirely different story. That’s why it's essential to check references & verify they have the right kind of experience.

Also be sure to verify their license and insurance, plus check their history at your local Better Business Bureau and online reviews.

- Have You Ever Tried Selling Your House With A Cracked
  Foundation, Or A Wet Basement?
- Time To Fix That Water Or Foundation Problem? 
- Restore Value To Your Property And Peace Of Mind!

Call us today to talk about your home waterproofing or foundation project, get some expert tips and receive a free quote!


Meet Our Team

Mark Williams


Mark Williams is the owner of B.A.M!, and father of 4 beautiful daughters with 4 grandsons and one precious granddaughter.

Mark has worked in the waterproofing and foundation repair industry for over 15 years and has over 34 years of experience in the construction industry overall. He has earned a reputation in Central Iowa of exceeding expectations and possesses a well-rounded expertise that few in the industry can claim.

Mark looks forward to getting down into the basement, finding a solution for the customer, and helping them to understand their problem.

To Mark, success doesn’t mean having a nice car and a big house while his employees rent apartments and drive clunkers, and his customers pay too much money for a low-quality solution. A successful company is one where everybody does well, all employees are happy, and B.A.M! customers are satisfied for the life of their home.
Mark strives to bring back old-fashioned integrity with a modern look by taking strong values and combining them with modern technology. He says, “Too many companies let modern technology take over their values and customer service and this makes them lose the WOW experience for their customers.”

<img src="Mark-Williams.jpg" alt="owner">
Mark strives for the 3 R’s RIGHTS, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY of his company and customers.
<img src="Jeremy Rogers" alt="general-manager">
Jeremy started as a laborer in the summers when was 13 years old and eventually worked his way up to journeyman and foreman.  He is known as a general manager, problem solver, communicator and advocate for B.A.M customer service and sales. He says “I want to show clients that honesty and integrity are not a thing of the past. A person’s word still means something to B.A.M and we will stand behind ours.”

Jeremy R

General Manager

Most clients love Jeremy because of his ability to walk clients through complete job solutions and what to expect throughout the process. Jeremy’s extensive masonry background make it possible to find the best solution for clients.
Jeremy says “Visualization and proper planning come into play when dealing with existing construction.  Reverse engineering, stabilization and retaining integrity of the existing structure is paramount.”

“When starting work with B.A.M I could see that Mark’s ideals were aligned with mine as far as how to treat our clients and the quality of work that needs to be in place. Proper installation, quality materials, respect for clients, ability to adapt to each unique situation and find a solution.

These are just a few examples of what makes a company successful. B.A.M is becoming a success story and that’s what being a part of this company is. I pride myself on being part of this growth and to the future of this company.”

Vanessa S

Office Manager

Vanessa resides in Des Moines with her husband and 2 of her 4 children. Two of them are grown and out on their own. She just welcomed her first grandchild into the world.

She has been in the construction trades for her entire career, mostly in the office but has worn a tool belt and framed houses as well. She is very passionate about making sure her coworkers have everything in place that they will need to ensure they succeed at whatever they are doing. She enjoys the day to day challenge of preparing the jobs for the crews, ordering materials, and making sure everything is in place to set them up for success. 

When not at work, you will most likely find her enjoying time with her husband and kids, spending time on their patio in the back yard, or in her soap lab creating beautiful hand-crafted soaps and lotions.

<img src="VANESSA SPRENGELMEYER.jpg" alt="owner">
She brings her organizational skills and leadership abilities to the B.A.M! team.

<img src="Michael Sorter" alt="employee">
Michael S
Michael was raised in Johnston but chose to move to Adel with his wife and 2 children about 10 years ago to raise his children in a smaller community. He is a mason by trade and has over 20 years’ experience. He is deeply passionate about making people happy and giving them what they expect. He wants to feel like he has done a great job and does not want any surprises when it comes to customer satisfaction.

He brings a remarkably high level of customer service and continued quality of workmanship to BAM Basements and continues to provide that service in everything he does.
Amanda K
Amanda lives in Des Moines with her boyfriend and 2 boys. She grew up on a 100+ year old century farm in small town Iowa where her family raised hogs, cattle and farmed corn and beans. She has been in the food service industry most of her working career. She enjoys people of all sorts and is a fantastic listener and helps problem solve. She loves to plan events, most recently planned a fund raiser for a friend that has leukemia to help with medical expenses.

When Amanda isn’t at work you will most likely find her at home planning her next gathering or out on the motorcycle with her boyfriend when the weather is cooperating. She loves entertaining friends at home and being out on the motorcycle when they have kid-free time.
<img src="Amanda Krause" alt="employee">
Eric H
Eric lives in Indianola with his 2 children, where he is active in his community. He is a member of the Indianola Elks. The club does a lot of volunteer work and donates money to many different charity groups and offers scholarships to students to help further their education.

Eric has been with BAM Basements since 2019, but has been in the foundation repair business since 2008. Over the years he has had extensive training in basement waterproofing and foundation repair.

Eric spends most evenings and weekends at his children’s activities. They are involved in many sports and music activities. When he isn’t chasing the kids around, he spends his time doing home improvement projects and watching football.
<img src="Eric Halligan" alt="employee">
<img src="Reo Straw" alt="employee">
Reo S
Reo grew up in Marengo, Iowa on a farm. After raising hogs and cattle for 10 years, he decided it was time for a change so he moved to Mississippi to learn the construction trades with his dad. He moved back to Iowa in 1985 and decided to try sales. He found his calling and has been in sales ever since. He is very good at finding the best solution possible for his clients. We often hear that he is very honest and knows his stuff.

When Reo is not working and the weather is nice, you will find him and his wife at a big campground usually near a lake somewhere. He loves the outdoors and spends as much time outside as possible boating, fishing, camping and 4-wheeling.
<img src="Jeff Beeson" alt="employee">
Jeff B
Jeff grew up in Winterset and now resides in Des Moines. He has 30 plus years experience in  masonry, carpentry, home remodeling and home improvements.  

He is known for his hard and honest work. Jeff has a knack for figuring out problems quickly with a straight forward approach.  

Among his strong talents is customer service. Over his fifteen years in the granite business Jeff has worked with clients finding solutions to their concerns. Jeff has developed the ability to calm clients and leave them happy and confident their concerns will be resolved.

He brings his experience and knowledge to the B.A.M team.
Brandon H
Brandon resides in Des Moines with his wife and eight children ages 2, 3, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17 & 19 two of which are foster children.  Brandon graduated from Winterset High School then went on to two years at Ellsworth Community College on a baseball scholarship and one year at Missouri Valley College on a rodeo scholarship.  

While in high school Brandon spent his summers framing houses and worked as a department manager at a home improvement store after college.

When Brandon is not at work he enjoys activities with family and friends such as playing softball, camping, swimming and barbecuing.

At B.A.M Brandon intends to provide top quality work and help B.A.M progress into a household name in basement waterproofing.

<img src="Brandon Henry" alt="employee">
<img src="Todd Spranglemeyer" alt="employee">
Todd S
Todd lives in Des Moines with his wife and has four children of which two are at home and two are grown. He introduced his younger children to Tae Kwon Do so they would understand that daddy wasn’t the only one who expected them to have and cultivate discipline.

Todd grew up in Davenport where he graduated from Davenport Central High School. While in high school Todd was on the track & cross country team as well as the wrestling team.

Todd has his license in life insurance, has eight years of supervisor experience and has worked as executive chef at Iowa Machine Shed. Todd worked as a floor sander and doing trim work where he enjoyed the quality woodwork they created. Todd brings his desire to provide top quality work for an outstanding finished product to B.A.M!
<img src="Josh Miller" alt="employee">
Josh M
Josh grew up in Florida, and now lives in Des Moines. He went to school for motorcycle and small engine technology.

He brings 4 years of prior waterproofing and wall support experience and 1 year of poly lifting experience to BAM Basements.

When not at work you will find Josh spending time with his 3 children at their activities, fishing, relaxing, traveling or exploring new areas.
Jim M
Jim grew up in Winterset and now resides in Des Moines with his wife and  three year old daughter.

Jim enjoys spending time with his family, camping and doing leather and bush craft work.

Jim has been in the construction business most of his life and is a certified pool builder. 

He is now putting his construction knowledge and  skills to work at B.A.M
<img src="Jim Morris" alt="employee">
<img src="Steve Killian" alt="employee">
Steve K
Steve was raised in Virginia and now resides in Des Moines. 

He spent four years in the Army infantry where he was deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. While in the Army he received 14 awards and medals and is certified in first aid and warrior leadership.

Now he enjoys spending time at home relaxing with his animals and watching TV.

Outside of his time in the armed forces Steve has been in the construction trade most of his life and is bringing that experience to the B.A.M basements team.
Blake S
Blake lives in Des Moines. He brings his construction experience to BAM

Blake spends most of his free time with his son. He is Blake’s motivation to succeed and become a better man and father.

He wants to give his son the best life possible and to help him realize his dreams.
<img src="Blake Sayles" alt="employee">
<img src="Jake Winters" alt="employee">
Jake W
Jake lives in Des Moines and  is a chef of 15 years by trade.

Jake has an eye for detail and the ability to move fast and efficiently.  He feels this skill serves him well at B.A.M.  

You can find Jake at home or the golf course when not at work.

 Jake enjoys helping people and takes great pride in being a professional and providing exceptional service.
Dakota H
Dakota recently moved back to Clive, where he grew up, after spending some time in Cedar Falls, Ames, Ankeny and Johnston.

He brings his year of previous basement experience to our company. Before that he was an automotive detailer for five years.

When Dakota is not working you will find him on the disc golf course, playing ultimate Frisbee, watching sports or spending time with his dogs.
<img src="Dakota Hutchison" alt="employee">
<img src="Matt G" alt="employee">
Matt G 

Matt resides in Pleasant Hill with his wife.

He joined our team this year, bringing with him 25 years of masonry experience.

His ability to troubleshoot masonry issues and achieve quality masonry results is invaluable to BAM Basements.

He enjoys building masonry projects and seeing the finished results when completed.
Alex T
Alex is the newest addition to our BAMily.

He lives here in Des Moines. He loves to travel and learn new things. One of his passions is sports. He loves soccer and basketball.

The topics of many of the discussions you will have with Alex would be different structures, how people have built their homes and how they are all different depending upon where they are.

He has OSHA training and is in the military.

<img src="Alex T" alt="employee">

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