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BE CAREFUL… not all egress windows are equal in their construction and safety.

Here at Bambasements and Masons Of Des Moines , we offer only the best egress  window on the market. our products have upgraded basements for hundreds of  thousands of homes throughout Des Moines, Iowa for close to two decades now!

Our warrantied, award-winning egress basement window products are just what you need  to create a more beautiful, comfortable, and valuable space in your home.

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Planning A Window Replacement Project:

Window Designs To Avoid

When planning a window replacement project you’ll want to know about egress windows  before meeting with a window sales consultant.

Be conscious of where you may need egress windows, your sales consultant should also be  well informed about egress requirements and catch any errors before ordering  your windows. 

Sometimes homeowners want picture windows in their bedrooms but picture windows won’t meet egress. Unless there is an exterior door in the room, at least one of the windows will  need to meet egress requirements. 

Know that you are ordering the correct windows before paying for windows that won’t work  in your home.

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Window Replacement & Installation:

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Your project team will manage all window installation details from start to finish so you  don’t have to. 

It takes top-notch talent and teamwork to pull off a big exterior installation. 

Remember, the more severe the weather, the better performance you’ll need for your  windows. If you’re considering something more distinctive, we can help you create a  unique combination of windows to suit your home.

For the most part, look at brand and quality of the window model itself to find an energy  efficient basement window.

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