Foundation Repair with Push Piers


Foundation Repair with Push Piers

If your home is experiencing foundation settlement and showing it in the form of drywall cracks, nail pops, and sticking windows and doors, you need to address this issue right away. Otherwise, your home will sustain even more damage that will be dangerous for your foundation and your family. Your best bet is to seek professional advice from a foundation repair expert who will be able to offer the best repair solution to fit your home’s needs.

Push piers are just one type of solution that can be used to correct settling foundations. These durable piers are used to bypass the problematic, unstable soil directly underneath your foundation and transfer the weight of your home to better-suited soil deep beneath the surface. This way, your home will be on stable ground and protected for many years to come.


What is a Push Pier?

A Push Pier is a steel pipe utilized in foundation repair that is hydraulically driven into competent, load-bearing soil and anchored to a foundation’s manicured footing via a remedial bracket to secure, stabilize and/or lift the structure.

Push Piers have reduced skin friction thanks to their sleek design and choke collars that provide some extra initial width.

The Push Piers we utilize here are made of steel and hot-dipped-galvanized to withstand corrosion. They boast a maximum load capacity of 68 thousand pounds and are built to last.

Push Piers are utilized with the goal of stabilizing and/or lifting a foundation that is suffering from foundation settlement back to maximum practical recovery.

These Push Piers are hydraulically driven deep into competent, load-bearing soil and/or bedrock. Generally, these are installed every six feet around the perimeter of your home and/or the affected area.


In addition to being effective, BAM turns to push piers because of their:

Quickness – Push piers can be installed relatively quickly, providing rapid results for buckling foundations.

Minimal Excavation Required – The piers can be installed with little to no excavation, leaving a home or business with minimal disruption.

Strength – Push piers are very strong and continue to be a lasting solution for many across our area. In addition, we use Titan push pier products which are of the highest quality and durability.


We Have the Tools & Experience

With something as important as the very foundation of your home, you want to make sure that the foundation company you hire knows what they are doing. Without the right experience and equipment, you run the risk of doing more damage to your foundation. Contact Bam your foundation repair expert. Or you could think a problem is fixed but a few years later you are facing foundation issues again because the company’s “permanent” fix was anything but.

The knowledgeable team at BAM Basements and Masons has completed a multitude of push pier projects in and around Des Moines Iowa. Our Trained Skilled Professionals know that precision is needed to prevent further damage to your foundation during the installation. With over 100 years of experience combined, we understand the importance of each job and will do thorough, solid work every time. Our solutions are long lasting and our service unparalleled.


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