Basement Wall bracing and Bowed walls

Many of the problems homes see these days have to do with their foundations. Problems with your foundation can cause a lot of damage and decrease the value of your home. Here are just some of the problems your foundation can face, leaks, cracks inside and out, and uneven floors. If you have drainage problems, this can make the foundation less secure. Wall bracing can really help your home’s foundation to be more secure and save you more problems and money down the road.


Why Would You Need Basement Wall Bracing?

Why is your basement wall bowing? Well, it could be because of a couple of reasons.

Expansive soil – If the soil around your basement walls is made of a lot of clay, it can be considered expansive soil. This type of soil grows and shrinks based on moisture content. When the soil absorbs water, it expands. Then, when the soil dries, it shrinks. The constant growing-shrinking cycle places stress on your basement walls and can cause them to bow.

Hydrostatic pressure – Hydrostatic pressure is when water pools up outside your basement wall and has nowhere to go. As the water builds up, the volume of the soil increases. This increase places pressure on your basement wall and can cause them to bow.

Frost-heaving – If the soil freezes outside your basement wall, there is a chance it can lift up. Then, when the soil thaws, the soil settles back down. This up-and-down movement can cause your basement walls to bow.

Lateral pressure – If something heavy is placed outside your basement walls, such as a dump truck, it can press down on the soil and cause your basement walls to bow.

Tree Roots-Tree roots can be very disruptive as they grow and push against your foundation.


What is Wall Bracing?

Wall braces are steel braces put in place to help the house cope with the weight. They are also one of the most effective ways to repair and restore basements and to protect homes against further foundation damage. The braces counter the external pressure that causes basement walls to curve.


Walls bowing Can cause these different problems


WATER LEAKS-Water leaks and excessive moisture can cause alot of damage to your home. It can also cause mold and mildew to grow. When it is very cold, water or moisture trapped in the cracks will freeze and cause even more damage. The frozen water expands, which will cause the size of cracks to stretch and even break. Installing a steel brace to hold your foundation in place will help when repairing and waterproofing your basement.


BUCKLING BASEMENT WALLS-Buckling or bowing walls can happen from moisture, the weight of the house, or just old age. The steel wall reinforcement braces will provide added support for older foundations that may be buckling inward due to the weight of soil and water on the outside. With these braces installed, it will stop further damage to the foundation. Then you will be able to repair existing problems necessary in your home’s basement.


CRACKS, BREAKAGE, AND COLLAPSE-Without the braces, foundations can get damaged and develop cracks, pieces can break off and walls can eventually collapse. The braces are in place to stop that from happening. If they are in place and you get cracks, the repairs are much easier to do. There is no worry about the wall coming down and causing further damage. It is a bit of added security we can all appreciate.



The braces are in for the long haul. That means any future damage will be minimal. They offer permanent support for the home. They have been used for a long time and have a very good track record when it comes to doing their job.


Basement Wall Bracing: Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Professionals do not recommend DIY basement wall bracing. If done incorrectly, you could seriously damage your basement walls, which in turn can damage the rest of your home. Here are some of the most common issues with DIY solutions.

You could break your basement wall.

You could overtighten the wall and pull it too far outward.

You could use an incorrect number of braces or fail to space them correctly.


Get A Free estimate and expert advice

If you suspect there may be some structural damage or want to get out ahead of any, call us for a free estimate. An older house may not be showing any signs of damage, but it does not mean there isn’t any.

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