Sinking Foundation Repair in Des Moines

Sinking Foundation Repair in Des Moines

This past couple of weeks BAM Basements was helping a home in Windsor Heights Iowa. This home had a sinking foundation on one side of the home. Due to landscaping and grading of the home’s yard, we were unable to do exterior piering and lifting of the sinking foundation from the exterior of the home.

The Bam Basements crew had to do interior piering to raise the sinking foundation on one side of the home. We had to first start with removing the existing concrete floor to start digging out interior dirt. It took the crew about two weeks to hand dig interior holes below the footing of the home. Also installed over 136 feet of push piers into the ground. We then raised the house up to achieve a maximum practical recovery on the sinking foundation side and stabilized the home.

Filled the dirt we took out back into the holes we hand dug out and tamped the dirt down to get it back as tight and stable as possible. After filling the holes back in we then re-concreted the holes. The walls were also bowing in the home due to the sinking foundation. We installed beams to help stabilize the wall and prevent further inward movement. These are steel I beams that are set against the wall and anchored to both the basement floor and to the floor joists. After two weeks of lots of hard work we stabilized the sinking foundation of the home for years to come and made the homeowner very happy and peace of mind knowing her home’s sinking foundation is stable now.


What are the signs of a sinking foundation?

You need to look for small problems, which may seem like minor issues or a natural part of a home’s settling. These are symptoms that can be overlooked if you don’t know their significance. Cracks in your foundation, especially on the outside of the home.

Doors or windows that stick they may not open easily or closing them is a struggle. If you have to put a stick in the window to keep it from sliding shut, or a wedge to keep a door open. These are warning signs of a foundation sinking.

Cracks in the interior drywall, especially if they are around doors or windows that stick.

All of these issues occur because the foundation is no longer level. When one corner or side of your foundation sinks at a different rate than the rest, it strains the overall structure of the home. Building materials like concrete, steel, and wood are not flexible.

This is why the doorframes or window casings start to cause sticking, they can’t bend to accommodate the shifts in the structure, so they get pulled out of the plumb. The concrete and drywall will start to separate or crack.


Ready to get Started?

Work with an experienced local Des Moines foundation company and make an appointment for your free estimate. Sure, this is good advice, but when you have a sinking foundation and are considering your options, it is a critical decision. We cannot stress this enough: you need someone who can properly and thoroughly evaluate your home. Before signing any contracts get multiple bids. Make sure the company is reputable, has the experience and credentials.


WHhat;s The Next Step?

You can either call us at 515-963-0226 or complete our online form. If you live in Des Moines or the surrounding area, contact BAM Basements and Masons for a free estimate. One of our experienced sales team advisors will evaluate your sinking foundation condition. Once your sales team advisor has determined the causes and issues, they’ll review their findings and recommended options with you. As a team, you will decide on the ideal whole-home solution that is right for you to keep your home strong and healthy for years to come.

BAM Basements and Masons of Des Moines is your premier foundation repair company serving the Des Moines, Iowa area. If you’re located in Des Moines, Ankeny, Bondurant, Altoona Pleasant hill, Ames, Adel, Waukee, Indianola, Grimes, Urbandale, Johnston, West Des Moines, or the surrounding areas, we’re the place to call. We can help you avoid costly and stressful foundation repair mistakes, by giving you a customized solution that’s going to work for you and your home long term. BAM Basements and Masons of Des Moines is a professional and locally owned and operated state-registered contractor. Your foundation repair specialist with affordable honest upfront pricing, no hidden costs, offer free estimates and limited lifetime warranties. We use new methods and materials on all jobs. We would love to help!  

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