Cost for a Basement Egress Window Install


Cost for a Basement Egress Window Install

Planning a home remodeling project or just want to update your basement egress window? We know improving the aesthetics of your house as well as adding value to it is on your mind. However, safety is equally crucial. This is where basement egress windows come in. They let in light and warmth into your house while providing a safe exit during an emergency. Installing basement egress windows is not a choice; it’s necessary. Your house MUST have basement egress windows in your home. Almost all residential building codes dictate that a house should have at least one basement egress window installed during its initial construction and design. Don’t forget to factor them in while calculating your home renovation cost.

On average, the cost of installing below-ground, prefabricated basement egress windows may be between $2,900 to $5,000. While calculating a basement egress window installation cost, consider the different costs to add a basement egress window. Such as the window unit, egress well, ladder, as well as cover price, and the installation. Professional basement egress window installers can always provide a free egress window estimate before beginning the work.


Basement Egress window cost factors

1.Window type, size, and quality

We use vinyl framed windows that are the same thickness as most basement walls. They are mortared right into the wall, and the best part is, there are NO wood components. These windows will not rot out. EVER. This is why they come with a limited lifetime warranty!

2. Location of window

The installation process for basement egress windows requires special sealing in order to prevent moisture from seeping inside. Hiring a professional basement egress window installer will increase the costs but will make the installation less time-consuming and more seamless.

3. Excavation or build-up requirement

A Basement egress window installation will require excavation, grading, and drainage systems. The priority is to create a safe below-ground-level space outside the window for easy entry and exit.

For the best estimate of labor cost, window cost, and installation costs — consult with the best waterproofing and egress window installation company in Des Moines.


Basement Egress Windows Add Value

Basement egress windows do add value to your home. However, the amount will depend on several factors such as your home and where you are located. Egress windows are one of the few home improvement projects that will allow you to recover your initial installation cost, plus some, in resale value. Adding a Basement egress window without adding a bedroom can add about $5k value to your home. If you add a bedroom also it will up the value to about $10k. There are several benefits to installing egress windows. Often, the return on investment alone is enough for homeowners to add new energy-efficient windows in the basement. However, increasing your home’s value isn’t the only reason you should consider installing egress windows.


Adds Safety

Basement egress windows function as emergency exits. For this reason, there are some legal requirements that the window must meet. The window must allow someone to easily reach it in case of emergency. The basement egress window also must be a certain size. Each state has different laws regarding these types of windows. It is important to hire a professional that understands the building code as well and make sure the window is installed properly.


Lower energy Bills

Our basement egress windows will block out UV rays, heat, reflect heat back into the basement during winter, less drafting in return will lower energy bills.


Add Ventilation and light

Besides adding safety and increasing your home’s value, basement egress windows can greatly increase airflow and light, changing what was once a dark basement into a light, airy living space.

A basement egress window must have clear space surrounding it.

It must have a minimum projection of 36-inch and steps leading to the window.

All egress windows must be operational from the inside.

There should be no requirement for tools or keys to open the window.

Any bars or grates surrounding egress windows must also not require tools or keys.

Bam Basements and Masons of Des Moines we pride ourselves on supplying the best Basement egress windows and solutions for your home. Give us a call for your free basement egress window cost estimate and customized solution for your home.


Our windows:


-Have an Inswing design making emergency escapes fast and easy

-reduce window heat by 50%

-blocks 86% of UV rays

-keeps out 63% of sun’s heat

-reflects heat back into basement

-Our windows are 8″ frame thick to match thickness to your foundation.

-Made of all vinyl and glass, not wood that will rot

-installed with mortar just like concrete block


Or wells include:

-Steel Well



-Drain tile

-16” Gravel bottom


-all soil and debris removed


BAM Basements and Masons of Des Moines is your premier basement egress window company serving the Des Moines, Iowa area. If you’re located in Des Moines, Ankeny, Bondurant, Altoona, Pleasant hill, Ames, Adel, Waukee, Indianola, Grimes, Urbandale, Johnston, West Des Moines, or the surrounding areas, we’re the place to call. We can help you avoid costly and stressful foundation repair mistakes, by giving you a customized solution that’s going to work for you and your home long term. BAM Basements and Masons of Des Moines is a professional and locally owned and operated state registered contractor. We offer affordable honest upfront pricing, no hidden costs, offer free estimates and limited lifetime warranties. We use new methods and materials on all jobs. We would love to help!





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